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Best digital rewards adopted by businesses to reward positive behaviours in an engaging way

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We work with our clients to drive performance. Rewarding retailers (and their employees), sales teams and much more. 

The epoints trade reward and recognition platform fuelled by epoints, helps businesses to connect better with their customers and their teams.

Setting tangible targets and rewarding whenever, wherever helps drive changes in behaviour with proven results.



Increase distribution and maximise field costs with epoints trade, the digital reward scheme adopted by major brands. For example reward retailers with the epoints currency for meeting predetermined display and distribution objectives.

We have also harnessed new technologies to provide cost efficient routes to market. Partnering with BOLT we can provide rewards for elearning and driving and maintaining business standards.



A team with vast experience in digital, retail, FMCG and more. Highly skilled in assessing requirements and delivering success.

With vast experience in managing sales teams and sales operations, we have a clear understanding of how rewards and loyalty can play their part in growth.



  • Leading FMCG suppliers reward retailers with epoints for meeting display and distribution objectives
  • Syndicated low-cost field visits take place every 6 weeks by a professional team from our partner, News UK
  • At the visits, brand distribution, availability and compliance is recorded to determine epoints reward value for the retailer
  • If a retailer does not have an epoints incentivised product in stock their News UK representative can order it during their visit with a transfer order
  • Retailer buy-in is ensured as they can easily amass epoints value across multiple brands


  • Our partner Bolt Learning provide high-impact eLearning for retailers, wholesalers and FMCG suppliers
  • Modules cover topics such as health & safety, sales capability, retail best practice, NPD launches and more
  • Retailers are rewarded by FMCG suppliers with the epoints currency for completing modules
  • The eLearning modules give suppliers a new high-impact and cost-effective way of communicating directly to retailers  


  • Retailers are rewarded with the epoints currency by FMCG brands for purchasing specific products in participating wholesalers
  • epoints can then be spent a wide range of rewards
  • Or, suppliers and wholesalers can develop a bespoke reward range
  • Rewards can be flexed to meet seasonal and promotional periods
  • New product distribution can be driven by activating epoints rewards

Direct to Store

  • FMCG suppliers are using epoints to reward retailers for stocking and displaying products 
  • epoints reward value is determined by each supplier’s own field sales team during store visits. They check distribution and compliance against set criteria
  • Suppliers are also rewarding sales teams with the epoints currency for meeting objectives and targets
  • Criteria is flexible, rewards are flexible and activity can be upweighted to meet supplier objectives

Retailer Self Compliance

  • Bolt Learning and epoints have partnered to offer retailers the option to be rewarded with epoints for self-compliance 
  • Using Bolt’s ground-breaking technology, retailers can record which products they stock by taking an image of a product’s barcode. Images are time stamped and geo-located
  • FMCG suppliers will reward retailers for stocking certain products 
  • This is a hugely cost-effective way for FMCG suppliers to drive distribution in convenience  


  • Clients use epoints as their choice of loyalty currency for consumers
  • epoints reward value is determined by each client based on sales value
  • Consumers can also earn epoints by shopping on-line at epoints.com
  • epoints is our universal currency that shoppers earn every time they shop online through our portal.These points can be redeemed on millions of products and services.  There’s something for everyone.  Earning epoints is both easy and rewarding for online shoppers
  • Collect epoints via a range of activities including shopping online at thousands of retailers. Partner stores include all of the nation’s favourite retailers such as M&S, House of Fraser, B&Q, Currys, Boots, Debenhams and many, many more. 

See our video from Jennifer Hill, Head of Field Sales at Molson Coors, who discusses how the best digital rewards from epoints trade helped Molson Coors connect with retailers via loyalty, reward and recognition.

Our testimonials


"We don’t have a retail salesforce so epoints helps us gain a presence we’ve not had before. With epoints, we can ensure that focus is given to our brand and that it is a key priority for retailers when creating their shopping list. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with epoints to drive NPD and the core range in the convenience sector.”  

Tom Cornes

National Account Manager Wholesale  


“We have field sales callership, but we don’t reward retailers. That’s what we want to do with epoints. It is an important journey for us."

Jennifer Hill

Head of Field Sales   

“Despite being the largest wine company in the UK with a market leading share of the convenience channel, there is still work to be done on maximising the distribution of our portfolio across this sector of the trade. This is vital to the long term growth of the business and by joining with epoints, we can better influence the purchasing decisions of retailers by rewarding them for meeting set criteria.”  

Thomas Joyce-Brown

Senior Customer Marketing Manager     

“Interested to see brands coming together to reward as one... easier to collect as rewarded by multiple suppliers (in many ways)"                S Khman, SP10  

   “epoints has helped me to consider stocking more lines that I had never thought of stocking before." B Nathawani, BS13     

  “We are delighted that suppliers are going down the syndicated reward route. For one well known brand I think I now have 5 loyalty cards and can't access them!”                                     

Rav Garcha, NISA

  “We try to offer 2 ranges in most products and feel its important to give people a choice. Why wouldn't we stock items that sell and making extra money is a great bonus. Really made us try a few new lines we might not have tried other wise."  Nealum, SP10  

  “Really like the simplicity of the scheme."  

J Johny, EX34  

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